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Challenges on a survey job

Felix Dupin , Surveyor after traineeship

‘After my graduation from the French engineering university ENSTA, I started working at Van Oord in October 2014. During my internship in Dubai, I noticed that hydrographic field work really interested me. I was immediately challenged to turn my mind to practical assignments. I can’t imagine working at a desk all day long, so this job suits me well.’

First experience

‘In Dubai I worked on a reclamation project to build an artificial island. After two weeks on site I was already doing topographic and hydrographic surveys and processing the data received. It was rewarding to be given responsibility so quickly. This first experience with Van Oord confirmed for me that this job is the right one for me. It’s really good to be involved in the whole survey process, instead of working independently on a single task. All of the different parts of a process connect to real things on the job going on outside.’

Be part of a team

‘I work six weeks on a project and then I have three weeks off. Not many people can say that they have such a work schedule, so it’s kind of special. I also really enjoy the ambiance on a project, it feels comfortable and the team spirit is really good. On top of that, Van Oord provides good working conditions. In short, Van Oord is a good employer if you are looking for an international job, if you are interested in new technologies, and if you want to be part of a great team.’