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Important link during project execution

Robert van der Sijden , Superintendent

‘After secondary school, I studied Road and Hydraulic Engineering at Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen. During my studies, I gained work experience at Ballast Ham Nederland, one of Van Oord’s legal predecessors. Despite my positive experiences, I started my career at a municipal organisation. When I was ready for a new challenge, I opted for the dynamism of business and industry, and took a traineeship at Van Oord. In the year available to me, I got to know various departments and projects, I followed several courses and gained an insight into the company culture. I still benefit in my current position from the knowledge I acquired then.’

Close contacts

‘No two days are the same at Van Oord, but they do have one thing in common: they fly by. During the day, I act as a coordinator and a source of information for colleagues. I ensure that the project activities can continue uninterrupted. This means that I have close contact with my colleagues at the project office, on site and on vessels. As work on projects continues 24/7, it’s important to know what has happened during the day and night shift. As a Superintendent, you are therefore an important link during the execution of a project.’

International challenges

‘It’s not only the work that makes Van Oord an interesting employer. The projects are very varied thanks to our specialisation in the dredging, offshore and offshore wind sector, and, moreover, you work in an international environment. Furthermore, every project is different because of the location, the wishes of the client and the underlying conditions. As a result, you are faced by technical challenges that can be solved with the help of our modern equipment and expert staff. I worked, for instance, on The World in Dubai and Das Island in Abu Dhabi. When I see the aerial photos, I am still proud of the result.’ 

Team spirit

‘Despite the fact that every project involves different colleagues, there are hardly any difficulties in collaborating with other members of staff. You never have to solve problems on your own at Van Oord; challenges are tackled together. During the work, we jointly search for the most efficient and logical solutions. And everyone contributes: from project manager to crew member. This team spirit is also evident outside working hours. That makes both the work and the stay enjoyable, wherever you may be.’