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Perseverance is a must

Pim de Pater , Coastal Engineer after Traineeship

‘My graduation project in Civil Engineering involved comparing a floating and conventional breakwater. I found this so interesting that I decided to take a Master’s degree in Coastal Engineering. While working on my graduation assignment at Van Oord’s Estimating & Engineering Department, a former trainee told me about the company’s traineeship. The prospect of getting to know a lot of different departments and employees in a short time really appealed to me.’

Positive experience

‘I worked in different departments during the traineeship, for example Estimating & Engineering, Operations, Survey, and Ship Management, and I learned how they all work together on a single project. Each department has its own responsibilities, and they contribute their share as part of the team, both in the office and on project sites. I really enjoyed working in all the different work settings. I had the opportunity to learn and gain experience in each one. My colleagues kept an eye on me, and I really appreciated their guidance.’  

Without borders

‘One of my best experiences was the Filanovsky export pipeline project in Russia. I worked on commissioning grab dredger Titan and accommodation pontoon Astrachan. It was really fun and informative to work in Russia. The culture and working methods were just that little bit different to the conventions I was used to. I learned to work under time pressure in Russia. Perseverance is a must!'

New challenges

‘After I completed my traineeship, I started my job with the Coastal Engineering Department. I’m involved in designing coastal engineering structures, for example breakwaters and bed and bank protection. I also prepare tenders and produce project designs. In addition, I work on project sites regularly. With such varied work, I frequently find myself facing new challenges.’