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Annual report

The year 2015 was an extraordinarily good one for Van Oord. The company achieved a record revenue of EUR 2.579 billion (2014: EUR 2.104 billion), an increase of 23%, and a record profit of EUR 169 million (2014: EUR 119 million).

These figures are attributable to the successful execution of several major projects, including construction of the Second Suez Canal, completion of Luchterduinen offshore wind park, and fast-tracked execution of Gemini wind park. The order portfolio totalled EUR 2.349 billion at year-end 2015 (2014: EUR 3.222 billion), down 27% on 2014.

Read more in the press release dated 15 March 2016.

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Front cover Annual Report 2015

Annual reports

The power of offshore wind

Van Oord is at the forefront of work that contributes to global, European and Dutch goals to combat climate change and reduce carbon emissions. As such, Van Oord acts as an agent of change to accelerate the energy transition while also creating economic benefits and societal value.

Given its key role in the Gemini project, one of the world’s largest offshore wind projects, Van Oord has set out to understand and measure the value for the environment and for society. For this purpose Van Oord and KPMG applied KPMG’s True Value methodology.

Watch the animation video to learn about how Van Oord created societal value while doing business. Or read the leaflet “The power of offshore wind”.

Call on Dutch government to take action

Together with four leading Dutch companies (Shell, Eneco, Siemens and Port of Rotterdam Authority) Van Oord formed the “Transitiecoalitie” to accelerate the energy transition towards a cleaner energy system. In order to urge the Dutch government to take action on the Dutch Energy Agreement, the five companies want to show their commitment to take a part in this public debate. More than thirty other Dutch companies have also signed this plea. 

Read more in the press release dated 25 October 2016.
Read the “Pleidooi” (Dutch only).

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