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150 years

Marine ingenuity

Throughout 2018, Van Oord marked its 150th anniversary by drawing attention to our rich past in marine engineering, highlighting our present-day challenges and looking ahead to the future. It was a year full of memorable moments. Take a look at the highlight film below and experience our eventful year once again.

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2018: a special jubilee year

We recalled our history as a family business and returned to our roots. In Werkendam, the cradle of the company, we christened our first LNG vessel and we offered a statue to the Werkendam village. As well as looking back, we also focused on the next generation with our first Innovation Challenge. This project aims to form new partnerships with start-ups making vital contributions to sustainability issues like carbon emissions, energy storage and digitalisation. These topics were also addressed during the Van Oord N8 event, which gave 150 children of employees and shareholders the chance to decide what the future will look like. Their ideas and perspectives are valuable. After all, in 20 years’ time it will be their turn to set course for the future.

Our anniversary gave us an opportunity to do something special for our shareholders, clients, partners and employees. We also made a gesture towards the city of Rotterdam. The Waterwoud project – an observation tower located along the river Maas – will reinforce the link between the city and the water. This public project will be accessible to all, making it our gift to the people of Rotterdam.