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150 years

Marine ingenuity

Earth, water, air and fire: the four elements that make Van Oord what it is. Literally, because our work is bound up with the elements. And figuratively, because we have both feet planted firmly on the earth and because we are as adaptive and dynamic as water. We live and breathe innovation and we are fired with a passion to build a better world for future generations.

150 years of Marine ingenuity: that is the milestone that we are celebrating in 2018. As we reflect on our long history in marine engineering, we see how the four elements link our past, our present and our future.

Solid foundations beneath our feet / Earth below us

As a family-owned business, we have solid foundations beneath our feet. We trace our roots back to 1868, with Govert van Oord as one of our founders. 150 years of entrepreneurship and perseverance have shaped us into the marine engineers of the future. The world population is growing exponentially and needs much more space; we see to it that everyone can live and work on solid ground.

Wherever there’s water, that’s where we are / Water surrounds us

Climate change asks for better coastal protection. We are tackling that challenge. Protecting people and land against the rising sea level and flooding brings out the best in us. Our engineers are passionate about finding the right solutions. Wherever there’s water, there we are.

We live and breathe innovation / Sky above us

We live and breathe innovation and we’re fascinated by new technology. The demand for energy continues to rise. If the world is to meet its energy needs in the future, then we must make the transition to a sustainable energy system. We believe that offshore wind is the best way to make this transition. We are deeply committed to taking the lead in this regard.

Our love for our profession / Fire within us

With enthusiasm and ambition we are building the future. We want the Earth to remain safe and habitable for the generations that follow in another 150 years. Our fire will not soon be fade away because we prioritise long-term continuity and stewardship in everything we do.