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Community involvement

We believe it is important to make a contribution to the communities in which we live and work. That is why we sponsor cultural and social activities and initiatives in the maritime sector.

One of the underlying principles of Van Oord’s sponsorship policy is to give something back to or do something special for the community in which we are active. Sharing knowledge and working together with local experts is also how we want to be involved in the environment in which we work. Teaming up with research institutes, NGOs and other local partners is how we want to add value. 


Van Oord’s sponsorship policy focuses on five themes in the marine sector:

Maritime sector
As a marine contractor, we sponsor the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam and the National Dredging Museum in Sliedrecht. Both museums offer visitors the chance to get acquainted with the Dutch dredging industry. The Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue (KNRM) can also count on our support. Van Oord has joined as partner for PortXL. The program stimulates innovative start-ups to the port area. 

Our cultural heritage is important to us. In Rotterdam, we support the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, and in Amsterdam, we are one of the patrons of the Amsterdam Hermitage Museum. Recently we started sponsoring the World Heritage Kinderdijk.

Business locations
Van Oord sponsors the annual Summer Festival and the Lingehaven concert in Gorinchem, where we are also a Friend of the local Beatrix Hospital. At Blijdorp Zoo in Rotterdam, we helped to fund a new aquarium. 

We take team spirit very seriously. We believe that it is important for our employees to have an active and healthy lifestyle. We are proud of our employees who train every week as part of a team and represent Van Oord in competitions. Sport is also a bonding element in everyday life, not only in the Netherlands but all over the world. 

Community investment
As part of our community involvement, for example, we are investing in the start of a new soccer field near the Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This soccer field is for the kids living in the Favela. We also sponsor activities and projects in the different parts of the world in which we operate. Our commitment to the community does not stop at the Dutch border. The projects vary from donating educational materials to schools to running lunch programmes for children.

Van Oord recognises the importance of education and supports various organisations that help children stay in school, in countries as India, Indonesia and Brazil. We also contributed to the Red Cross’ latest edition of the Water Toolkit, a ready-made lesson pack about water. Each year, we award a scholarship to a junior doctor through the Doctors for Mozambique organisation

Funding request

We also support initiatives from employees who promote good causes. If they submit properly substantiated requests for financial support, we are willing to honour the funding request.

Sharing knowledge

With operations around the globe, Van Oord attaches great value to knowledge sharing, innovation and establishing relationships with local stakeholders. Knowledge is power; knowledge shared is power multiplied.

Young water management talent
One of our initiatives to address these objectives is the Holland Water Challenge, a competition for young water management talent to take an active role in finding innovative and sustainable solutions to real-life delta and water management problems. After successful participation in Water editions previous years, Van Oord is again partner in the 2016 edition: Myanmar-Netherlands Water Challenge

Coral Harbour project
Another example is the Coral Harbour project in the Bahamas. Van Oord was called in to overhaul various marine bases so that they could accommodate new vessels acquired by the Royal Bahamas Defence Force. The client, local authorities, interest groups and Van Oord decided together to transfer coral along one of the access channels to a suitable location. Initial monitoring revealed that after one year, over 90% of the more than one thousand transferred corals had survived – an impressive survival rate. Van Oord itself also initiated a coral-breeding pilot project using its innovative ReefGuard. Our cooperation with Wageningen University and various local parties has allowed us to share important expertise and best practices.