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Ingenious people

We take responsibility towards people

We are Van Oord

It’s the ingenious people that make Van Oord: the things that drive them, their entrepreneurship, dedication, passion, team spirit and care, and what they want to share with the world.

Van Oord’s people represent 71 different nationalities but they all share the same passion. For water, for technology, for providing innovative solutions for maritime challenges and for achieving the best possible result. Whatever the project is, and in whichever of the almost 44 countries in which Van Oord works every year.

Passion for knowledge

The knowledge and experience of Van Oord’s rich past are sources of inspiration and the foundation on which to build its future. Van Oord’s employees’ thirst for knowledge is encouraged by a focus on career development. Because our projects and the environment in which we operate change constantly, working at Van Oord is a lifelong learning experience, at all levels in the organisation. By sharing knowledge, Van Oord ensures expertise will be passed on to future generations. By teaming up with research institutes, local experts, various universities, branch organisations and NGOs, we aim for the best result. Read more about our partners and suppliers and how we work on community involvement.

Sound personnel policy

Van Oord has around 5,000 employees of 71 different nationalities working in approximately 44 countries. A sound personnel policy and a high level of safety is of vital importance to keeping our leading position in our markets. Learn more about Van Oord’s safety programme: Say YES to safety. All Van Oord employees are expected to abide by our company Code of Conduct.

Vital employees

Van Oord’s new policy for long-term employability resulted in the introduction of the vitality programme StayFit. We are an attractive company that has created a healthy environment for its employees, both physically and psychologically. Van Oord supports and stimulates continuity, productivity and job satisfaction. Our aims with this policy are to increase the engagement, employability and productivity of our employees as well as to decrease absenteeism.

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