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Van Oord was established in the mid-19th century. It grew over time by acquiring leading dredging and marine engineering firms. As a family-owned company, Van Oord focuses on future generations and long-term business relationships. We feel at home in every country and make a visible contribution to the world.

Van Oord nv is a public limited company with its registered office in the Netherlands. MerweOord B.V., the Van Oord family’s holding company, owns 78.5% of its shares. The remaining shares are held by Cobepa (Nederland) N.V. (10.75%) and ConsOord B.V. (10.75%).

As of 1 January 2020 the Executive Committee is installed to replace the current Executive Board. The Executive Committee is responsible for managing Van Oord as a whole with a view to short and long-term goals.

Executive Committee

P. van Oord, Chief Executive Officer

J. Poots-Bijl RC, Chief Financial Officer

C.A. de Bruijn, Chief Commercial Officer

G. van Oord, Managing Director Dredging​

R.A.M. Schinagl, Managing Director Netherlands

A.F. Kuis, Managing Director Offshore Wind​

M. den Broeder, Managing Director Offshore

Supervisory Board

It is the Supervisory Board’s task to oversee the company’s strategic planning and policy-making and, specifically, to supervise the Executive Board in that context. The Supervisory Board carries out its tasks as agreed in the Van Oord governance model and in accordance with principles of corporate governance.

N.W. Hoek (born 1956), chair
Nationality: Dutch
Background: Member of Board of Management (from 1997) and CEO of Delta Lloyd (2001-2015), Founder of Brandaris Capital
Supervisory directorships: Arcadis (Chair), Anthony Veder Rederijzaken B.V., BE Semiconductor Industries N.V.

K. Damen (born 1944), member
Nationality: Dutch
Background: Chairman of Damen Shipyards Group

Jac.G. van Oord (born 1946), member
Nationality: Dutch
Background: Chairman of the Executive Board of Van Oord N.V. (2003-2008), Chairman of the Management Board of MerweOord B.V.

J.M.J.A.P. Laurent Josi (born 1964), member
Nationality: Belgian
Background: Managing Director of Cobepa (Nederland) N.V.
Supervisory directorships: International SOS, JF Hillebrand, Carmeuse and Bank Degroof.

J.M.M. van der Ven (born 1953), member
Nationality: Dutch
Background: Executive Director of MerweOord B.V.
Supervisory directorships: Acta Marine, Rhoon Pendrecht & Cortgene (Chair), Vostermans B.V., Witteveen+Bos (Chair)

J.H.R. Kretzers (born 1956), member
Nationality: Dutch
Background: Shell (1982-2016), Executive Consultant

Resignations schedule Supervisory Board:

 Year of first appointmentEnd of current term
Jac.G. van Oord 20092021
J.M.J.A.P. Laurent Josi20122020
J.M.M. van der Ven20122020
K. Damen20122020
N.W. Hoek20162020
R. Kretzers20182022