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Partners & suppliers

The best result for the future

Van Oord wants to do business with reliable and respected partners and suppliers. Together with them, we do our absolute best to achieve the results our clients expect from us. We join forces to come up with the best ideas to find the pieces for every puzzle. With long-term business relationships, Van Oord focuses on the best result for the future.

We believe it is important to innovate and partner with our clients, both during the tendering stage and during project execution. In all tendering procedures and projects to be carried out, we investigate ways of completing the project better, faster or at lower cost. In this respect, we highly value our clients’ opinions. 

Starting with our engineers, who work closely with our clients and suppliers, we create unique business opportunities, one-of-a-kind equipment and iconic projects

Theo de Lange, Area Manager Offshore Wind Projects

Working together in complex projects

The role that Van Oord plays as a contractor in project execution is changing. The market needs contract partners that can deliver added value throughout the chain, from design all the way to execution. Our project portfolio is becoming more complex and we need a different plan of action.

A great example is our role as an EPC contractor for the Gemini Offshore wind park. Van Oord is responsible for Engineering, Procurement and Construction. The enormous size of this complex project is reflected in the number of suppliers and the scope of the contract: it’s one of the largest contracts in Van Oord’s history. 

Would you like to become our partner?

Suppliers of external staff, hired by Van Oord on a daily or hourly basis, we refer to our supplier registration via FlexOord.