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Suppliers information

Van Oord believes that the success of our projects also depends on the excellent project and performance management of suppliers and subcontractors. We therefore maintain professional work relationships with them to ensure that our goals are achieved. 

Sustainable procurement

It is Van Oord’s policy to obtain the best sustainable value for materials, goods, and services that are purchased. We identified our key suppliers and subcontractors during 2014 and 2015, and now we got a very good understanding of the way they have organised their operations in terms of sustainability.

Do you want to become our partner?

Van Oord uses an electronic system to register and pre-qualify new suppliers and subcontractors, but also to monitor the performance of the existing ones. By building on earlier efforts to set up a standardised and systematic procurement system, we strive to ultimately gain a more efficient supply chain and to develop the most effective relationship. The system is reviewed every year by an impartial party, which assesses its compliance with international quality, safety, and environmental standards. Suppliers and subcontractors are required to fill in and provide the requested information in order to become registered in our system. Registration takes place upon invitation from our Procurement and Supply Chain Department.  

Explanation seagoing ships

As of January 1, 2019, a new VAT regulation has been introduced for the delivery and supply of sea-going vessels and the provision of services to sea-going vessels. Van Oord has chosen to provide a single explanation for all his vessels classified as seagoing. You can find this statement under this link. If a vessel is not on this list, it cannot be considered seagoing and VAT will be charged for purchases on behalf of the vessel in question. The supplier remains responsible for the correct application of the VAT zero rate.