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Attractive employership

We take responsibility towards people

Van Oord’s corporate culture is one in which employees are given – and are eager to accept – responsibility. We want all our employees to enjoy their work in a safe environment and to feel like they are part of a team. Mutual respect, trust, congeniality between colleagues, and basic good manners are crucial in this respect.

Our employees are the heart of our organisation, and they make a crucial contribution to the success of the company. A sound personnel policy and a high level of safety help retain a good workforce. Excellent employee benefits, training and professional development, and an international working language (English) ensure equal opportunities for all.

Vital employees

Van Oord’s new policy for long-term employability resulted in the introduction of the vitality programme StayFit. We are an attractive company that has created a healthy environment for its employees, both physically and psychologically. Van Oord supports and stimulates continuity, productivity and job satisfaction. Our aims with this policy are to increase the engagement, employability and productivity of our employees as well as to decrease absenteeism.

Always eager to learn

Van Oord’s human resource policy is focused on skilled craftsmanship, professionalism, and career-building. Our internal expertise institute, the Van Oord Academy, combines all our internal and external training courses in order to offer employees a challenging environment where they can engage in continuing professional development. The Academy focuses on the company’s core activities as an international contractor, and on building our expertise in project execution, project management, and safety.

To retain our position as the best in business, Van Oord has its own simulator training center. Our fleet personnel have a training facility in the form of three state-of-the-art dredging simulators in the basement of Van Oord’s head office. Both new and experienced fleet professionals receive regular training to keep their knowledge up to date and enable them to tackle upcoming challenges.

Managing project risk
Our internal risk management system is in good shape, according to an assessment completed by external experts in 2014. Its entire focus is on identifying risks in advance wherever possible and taking measures to counteract them. Because we can always do better, and an increasing number of projects are becoming more complex, we launched our Complex Projects programme in 2014. The programme is meant to train project directors, project managers, commercial managers, and tender managers to manage complex projects properly. 

As a family-owned business based in the Netherlands, Van Oord is an international organisation. We embrace many different cultures: our total about 4,500 employees comprise 68 different nationalities. This diversity makes our organisation more open, multi-skilled, and flexible. 

All Van Oord employees are expected to abide by our company’s Code of Conduct. Van Oord employees may report abuses to the confidential committee. 

Employee associations
Van Oord has three active employee associations. Young employees age 35 and under can sign up for Young Van Oord. Retirees can join the VanbOord seniors club. Personnel association De Voordgang has no age restrictions and is open to all employees working in the Netherlands. The shared aim is to encourage commitment to one another and to Van Oord.

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