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Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the top items on Van Oord’s sustainability agenda. Our aim is to reduce the carbon footprint of equipment and offices. In 2010 we set ourselves the goal to improve by a minimum of 5% by 2015. Our investment programme (new vessels, vessel overhauls, and divestments) leveraged an energy efficiency improvement of almost 6% in 2015.

To continue making progress, the Energy Management steering group measures, manages, and limits energy consumption by developing the following actions plans:

- Investing in state-of-the-art technology in our new vessel programme
- Collaborating with suppliers on energy-efficiency measures
- Undertaking timely maintenance on existing vessels
- Offering training programmes to our fleet personnel
- Researching the use of alternative fuels, such as LNG and biofuels

Carbon footprint

Van Oord calculates its carbon footprint every six months and issues internal and external reports on the progress of energy-saving measures, such as operating our vessels in a smarter way. We also expect our main suppliers and subcontractors to share their thoughts on how to reduce carbon emissions further. Value chain and sector initiatives play a major role in this regard.

CO2 performance ladder: efforts rewarded

Van Oord Nederland saw its energy management efforts rewarded in 2015 when its level-5 certification on the CO2 performance ladder was renewed. Level-5 certification means that Van Oord Nederland works proactively with clients, suppliers, research institutes, and civil-society organisations to identify ways to further reduce CO2 emissions throughout the value chain.