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Value creation

Guarding the environment

Value creation through Marine ingenuity

Marine ingenuity is what sets Van Oord apart. Thanks to the ingenious minds and passionate hearts of our employees we have developed some smart solutions to guard the environment during our work.

Van Oord’s Environmental Engineering department has teamed up with research institutes and universities to develop promising environmental innovations. Examples of the Van Oord Guards programme are the FaunaGuard, ReefGuard and PlumeGuard. These smart techniques were developed because Van Oord felt the need to explore new methods to minimise the effects of our construction works. We offer these innovations in our tenders because they contribute to our clients’ need for sustainable solutions. 

Van Oord Guards programme

FaunaGuard: preventing hearing loss
An acoustic device that safely and temporarily deters various marine fauna species using specialised underwater acoustics. Our clients around the world specifically request us to use FaunaGuard on projects. During pile-driving operations for the Gemini Offshore Wind Park, we proactively used this device to prevent potential hearing loss to porpoises.

PlumeGuard: measuring quality
The most advanced system for measuring turbidity and sediment spill in and around Van Oord’s projects. The PlumeGuard system allows personnel to respond rapidly and adequately to sediment spill events, changing environmental conditions and water quality infractions as they occur.

ReefGuard: breeding coral
A unique Coral Rehabilitation Initiative which aims to help rehabilitate degraded natural coral reefs by planting cultivated juvenile corals.
Van Oord offers these innovations in tenders and implements them in several projects. We are using the ReefGuard for coral breeding in the Sandy Bottom project in the Bahamas.

Efficient ecodesign

Two other examples of creating value through Marine ingenuity are the Building with Nature principle and the use of the OpenEarth software system.

Ecodesign: designing with nature
Design principles arising from the Building with Nature programme. Designers who apply eco-design concepts exploit natural features for marine engineering purposes, while creating advantages for nature, the leisure industry, and the local economy at the same time.

OpenEarth: smart data processing
A software system for analysing, visualising, and reporting project and equipment data to reduce environmental risks. We use OpenEarth on almost all of our projects.