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High-performance in the North Sea

  • 33 wind turbines: 31 of which on monopile foundations and two on Mono Bucket foundations
  • Grid connection capacity of close to 269 MW
  • Providing enough sustainable energy to meet the needs of approximately 328,000 households on an annual basis
  • More than 100 kilometres northwest of the coast, North Sea, Exclusive Economic Zone Germany

The Deutsche Bucht offshore wind farm, owned by Northland Power, is under construction but already delivering power to the German grid. The wind turbines used to generate the power are one of the most powerful offshore turbines currently available. The offshore wind farm will provide approximately 328,000 households with sustainable energy on an annual basis. 

Challenging conditions

Installation work on the construction site was a challenge in the winter months due to harsh weather conditions and high waves. Van Oord was up for this challenge. Being in control, the project team installed all foundations, consisting of a monopile and transition piece, in water depths of approximately 40 metres within the planned timeframe. The 4,500 tonnes offshore substation was transported to the project site in two sections. After installing the jacket foundation on the seabed, the 19-metre-high topside was mounted on top of it.  


During the pile-driving activities, Van Oord deployed its innovative FaunaGuard system. This in-house developed acoustic device safely and temporarily deters marine fauna species by using special underwater acoustics. To further minimise the impact on the environment and marine fauna, a multi-level noise mitigation system was used during the installation of the monopiles. The system included a Hydro Sound Damper (HSD) and a double Big Bubble Curtain.

Following the Gemini project, the Deutsche Bucht project is another example of excellent cooperation between Northland Power and Van Oord. We both share the ambition to contribute to the further development of offshore wind as a reliable energy source.

Arnoud Kuis, Managing Director Van Oord Offshore Wind
Arnoud Kuis, Managing Director Van Oord Offshore Wind

Specialised offshore wind equipment

Cable laying vessel Nexus installed a smart web of inter array cables, designed to guarantee reliable and safe transmission of the generated energy. To protect the cables, trencher Dig-It buried the previously laid cables to the required depth of up to 1.5 metres below the seabed. While installing cables, offshore installation vessel Aeolus was deployed for the transport and installation of the 8.4-megawatt wind turbines.

Suction bucket foundations

In addition to the 31 monopile foundations, Van Oord will install two Mono Bucket foundations on the Deutsche Bucht offshore wind farm. It will be the first wind farm worldwide to test this new type of foundation structure under commercial operating conditions. The new structure benefits the environment as it causes less disruption to the local porpoise population and can be completely decommissioned at the end of its lifetime. The Mono Bucket foundation consists of a single steel cylinder, known as a ‘suction bucket’, upon which a shaft is mounted. A transition piece and an 8.4 MW wind turbine will be installed on this shaft. The suction bucket structure becomes firmly embedded in the sea floor by its own weight and vacuum pressure, eliminating the need for pile driving and, consequently, for noise mitigation measures such as big bubble curtains. 

About the project

The Deutsche Bucht offshore wind farm, owned by Northland Power, is located approximately 95 kilometres northwest of the North Sea island Borkum, more than 100 kilometres off the coast. As the balance of plant contractor for the project, Van Oord is responsible for the design, engineering, procurement, construction and installation of the foundations, inter array cables and offshore substation, as well as the transport of the wind turbines. Completion of the commissioning phase of the Deutsche Bucht offshore wind farm is expected by the end of 2019. Deutsche Bucht is Northland Power’s third North Sea offshore wind farm. 

Additional information

  • Start date
    7 June 2017
  • End date
    end of 2019
  • Location
    North Sea, Germany
  • Business Unit
    Offshore Wind
  • Client
    Northland Power