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An important contribution to the Dutch climate objectives

  • 77 wind turbines
  • 731.5 megawatts (MW) of renewable generating capacity
  • Renewable electricity for 825 households
  • 22 kilometres off the coast of the Province of Zeeland, the Netherlands

The offshore wind farm Borssele III & IV is located 22 kilometres off the coast of the Province of Zeeland in the Netherlands and will be one of the largest offshore Dutch wind farms. The wind farm will be fully operational in 2021, when it starts supplying sustainable energy to 825,000 households. The construction of this wind farm will make an important contribution to the Dutch climate objectives.

Dutch energy transition

The wind farm is part of the offshore wind roadmap drawn up by the Dutch government. The roadmap details the areas designated in the North Sea where offshore wind farms can be built. At the end of December 2016, the Blauwwind consortium won the tender to build the Borssele III & IV offshore wind farm. The shareholders that make up Blauwwind are Partners Group, Shell, Eneco, DGE and Van Oord. Van Oord is performing the Balance of Plant activities, consisting of the engineering, supply and construction of the foundations and connecting cables.

Foundations without transition piece

Based on the experience of Van Oord in recent years, the foundations for the Borssele III &IV wind farm are fully designed and engineered in-house. The foundations are designed for a dynamic area, with moving sand dunes. These sand dunes are moving slowly through the Borssele wind park area, forced by the tidal currents and storm events. The in-house approach has led to a foundation that consists of extra-long and heavy monopiles, without a transition piece. After installation of the monopile and the main platform, the boat landing and the ladders are installed offshore using the specially designed Boat Landing Installation tool. The monopiles are specifically designed for the V164 9.5 megawatts (MW) wind turbines supplied by MHI Vestas. This is the first time that 9.5 MW turbines are being used at an offshore windfarm in the Netherlands.

Exceptionally short installation period

In April 2020, the Aeolus successfully completed the installation of 77 foundations for the Borssele III & IV wind farm in a period of only 6 months. An exceptionally short installation period, especially when you consider that the execution took place during a COVID-19 pandemic and started in winter. During this special period, the project team implemented precautionary measures and worked in good cooperation with the Blauwwind team, the suppliers and the other stakeholders in the Borssele area. 

Underwater noise limits are set by the Dutch Government for the installation of any structures in the North Sea. The strict noise limits were not exceeded by using the AdBm Noise Mitigation System (NMS). The system absorbs the underwater noise from pile driving the monopile into the seabed.

The Borssele III & IV project reached a milestone with the installation of the 77 foundations. The work was executed within planning in 6 months. Despite the extra precautions in connection with coronavirus, we were able to continue the project, taking necessary measures and complying with governmental guidelines. We are proud of the Blauwwind project team and their partners, including Van Oord, for their contribution to the rapid construction of the wind farm.

Roeland Borsboom, Project Director Blauwwind
Roeland Borsboom, Project Director Blauwwind

170 kilometres of infield cables installed

Van Oord’s cable-laying vessel Nexus installed a total of 170 kilometres of infield cables. The 66 kV infield cables come in three different sizes of cable core diameter. The smallest cable core diameter is 240 mm2 and the largest is 800 mm2. The smallest diameter is designed to match with the installation capabilities of the Nexus. After the cable is laid onto the seabed, the Dig-It is deployed to bury the cable.


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