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Hopper barge and pushbuster

Hopper barges

Each of Van Oord’s hopper barges has a capacity of 10,000 cubic metres. The barges, also referred to as sand carriers, do not have their own propulsion system but navigate with the help of pushboats. The hopper barges transport dredging material to a land reclamation site or to a designated deposit site at sea. They have been deployed on various projects, including Palm Deira in Dubai. Van Oord has four hopper barges in its fleet: Sand carrier 103, 104, 105 and 106.


Van Oord also has three pushbusters. The vessels, Buzzard, Blackbird and Kingfisher, were built in 2008 specifically for pushing sand carriers. With their propulsion capacity of 2 x 1,825 kilowatt, the pushbusters are also suitable for towing.

Split hopper barge

A split hopper barge is a vessel used for installing soil, sand or stones. Powered by two hydraulic cylinders, the bottom of the barge splits like a grab. When sailing, the parts are kept closed by a number of locks.

Van Oord has 6 split hopper barges in its fleet:

  • Cornelis Lely
  • Jan Blanken
  • Jan Leeghwater
  • Johan van Veen
  • Johannis de Rijke
  • Pieter Caland
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Equipment leaflets

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