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Van Oord has built the Norther Offshore Wind Farm

  • 44 8.4 megawatt Vestas wind turbines
  • 370 megawatts of renewable energy will be produced
  • 400,000 households will be supplied with sustainable energy
  • Record construction time!

As main contractor, Van Oord is responsible for the complete Balance of Plant (BoP) works for the Norther Offshore Wind Farm. Together with several subcontractors, Van Oord has constructed the offshore wind farm in a record time of only 9 months after the first installation activities. The project supplies more than 400,000 households with green energy and contributes significantly to Belgium’s environmental targets. 

Huge step towards a sustainable future

Offshore wind is extremely important for achieving Belgium’s and Europe’s renewable energy targets. It is projected to represent approximately 10% of the total generated electricity by 2025 and Van Oord is proud that is can make a significant contribution to achieving this target. Van Oord strategically opted for Belgium subcontractors for major parts of the Norther Offshore Wind Farm project to contribute to Belgium’s employment opportunities in the green energy sector and knowledge in respect of offshore wind.

Impressive examples of technology

State-of-the-art equipment was deployed to facilitate the construction. 5 examples of in-house equipment played a role in the transport and installation of the wind farm components. Offshore installation vessel Aeolus has been modified to install the new generation of turbines and to cope with the difficult soil conditions at the Norther concession zone. Trailing suction hopper dredger Geopotes 15, was responsible for dredging the cable routes, The newly developed trencher Dig-It buried the export and infield cables. Van Oord’s innovative subsea rock installation vessel Bravenes played a key role in completing the scour protection.

Ingenious people

As part of the award of this large contract, Van Oord selected trusted Belgian subcontractors for major parts of the project, such as the fabrication of the foundations, the Offshore High Voltage Station (OHVS) and the installation of the scour protection. Together with the client, we have been able to optimise the schedule making it possible to construct the offshore wind farm in record time!

More than a thousand staff of several nationalities have worked on our project offshore and at several yards and manufacturing sites throughout Europe and Asia. We are proud that, together with our client, we have delivered the offshore wind farm in record time. Not only contributing to the environment and employment opportunities in Belgium, but also enabling the client in benefitting from early revenues.

Floren Verweij, Project Manager Van Oord Offshore Wind
Floren Verweij, Project Manager Van Oord Offshore Wind
Additional information

  • Start date
    6 August 2018
  • End date
    26 April 2019
  • Location
    23 kilometres off the Belgian port of Zeebrugge
  • Business Unit
    Offshore Wind
  • Client