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Successful construction of Eneco Luchterduinen

  • 23 kilometer off the coast of Zandvoort, the Netherlands
  • 43 Vestas V112 wind turbines
  • 129 megawatt of green energy
  • 150,000 households are provided with green electricity

Thanks to the successful installation of 43 wind turbines, nearly 150,000 Dutch households are now being supplied with green energy. Through intensive teamwork and the effective use of knowledge, Van Oord has achieved some impressive results. The construction process went extremely smooth: the wind project was completed within budget and delivered three months ahead of schedule.

Innovation leads to cost reduction

There’s an increasing demand for sustainable wind energy in Europe. Van Oord’s Marine ingenuity is contributing to innovative solutions for making wind energy more competitive. Some striking examples were provided during the execution of the Eneco Luchterduinen offshore wind park. This project was constructed under an EPC contract, which means that Van Oord was responsible for the engineering, procurement, and construction of the foundations and electrical infrastructure. The project has many innovative features, such as its uniquely engineered foundations. These are unique because the monopile and the transition piece, which are usually built as two separate components, were built as a single component for this project. Compared to the conventional foundation, this innovative one-piece foundation substantially reduced the amount of steel needed, and thus the associated costs. Furthermore, the simpler installation process reduced transportation costs and saved time. 

Underwater noise

The FaunaGuard is another example of an innovative approach. Project Manager Wilbert van Boldrik explains how this eco-engineering instrument was used: ‘During pile-driving operations for the Eneco Luchterduinen offshore wind park, a proactive measure was put in place to prevent permanent damage to the hearing of harbour porpoises, a protected species. Pile driving can have an impact on these animals, ranging from physical injury to behavioural effects. Working closely with our client, Eneco, we suggested to the licensing authority (Rijkswaterstaat, the Dutch public works agency) that research should be conducted into the effectiveness of our FaunaGuard porpoise module. That research proved that one FaunaGuard system can keep porpoises at a safe distance from the project location to prevent the animals’ permanent hearing loss.’ 

Our clients around the world have specifically requested us to use FaunaGuard on projects. Van Oord will continue to strive to develop new signals for other species, such as seals and turtles. A possible application to protect sharks and dugongs will be investigated to improve this remarkable piece of environmental technology for use in marine engineering.

Heidi van der Meij, Environmental Engineer
Heidi van der Meij, Environmental Engineer

Employees and vessels

The brand-new installation vessel Aeolus was delivered in July 2014 and started its first job at the Eneco Luchterduinen project: the installation of the foundations and the turbines. Aeolus performed very well on this job. The Jan Steen and the HAM 602 laid and buried the cables. Qualified people are just as important as proper equipment, and Van Oord assigned approximately 250 qualified people to this project at the peak of operations. Committed people who did their job professionally and worked safely. Thanks to this great team effort, the Eneco Luchterduinen offshore wind park was completed successfully.

Partners and suppliers

The development of an offshore wind park requires substantial investments. Eneco and Mitsubishi Corporation each own 50% of the wind park. Vestas supplied the turbines and Van Oord was the Balance-of-Plant contractor. Joulz supplied and installed the 8-kilometer-long underground cable that runs from the beach to the Tennet onshore switching station in Sassenheim, the Netherlands.

Additional information
  • Start date
    31 December 2012
  • End date
    30 June 2015
  • Location
    Dutch North Sea
  • Business Unit
    Offshore Wind Projects
  • Client
    Eneco and Mitsubishi