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Svanen installs foundations for the Burbo Bank Extension offshore wind farm

  • 32 monopiles and transition pieces
  • 258 megawatts of sustainable energy
  • 180,000 households will be supplied with green power
  • 8 kilometres off the coast of Liverpool Bay

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the British government has set an ambitious target: by 2020, 15% of all energy must be obtained from renewable sources. After completion in 2017, the Burbo Bank Extension offshore wind farm will be making a valuable contribution towards achieving this aim. Green power will then be supplied to 180,000 households, generated by this wind farm. Van Oord’s heavy lift installation vessel Svanen played a crucial role in the construction of the offshore wind farm.

Installation work

The Danish energy company DONG Energy granted the assignment for the Burbo Bank Extension project installation work to Van Oord. At 8 km off the coast of Liverpool Bay, heavy lift installation vessel Svanen installed 32 monopiles and transition pieces. Just several weeks after the start of the work, Van Oord completed the project to the satisfaction of the client in July 2016. 

Feeder method

‘To ensure that the monopiles could float, we fitted them with plugs, after which tug boats transported them to the Svanen,' explains Project Manager Roy van Loveren. ‘The transition pieces on the pontoons were manoeuvred very accurately under the hook of the heavy lift installation vessel. This feeder method has been continuously optimised in the past few years, which meant we could work very efficiently.' 

A monopile or transition piece had to be supplied to Svanen every 12 hours. The working area and the feeder port were separated by a lock gate. Consequently, accurate careful planning of the transport was vital. The team devoted a great deal of effort to this challenge, and I am proud of the result.

Roy van Loveren, Project Manager

Heavy lift installation vessel Svanen

The advanced fleet for the construction of offshore wind farms was expanded in 2015 to include heavy lift installation vessel Svanen. With a height of 102 metres and a lifting capacity of 8,700 tonnes, the vessel has an impressive appearance. The construction of the Burbo Bank Extension wind farm was the vessel’s first job under the Van Oord flag.

Solid seabed protection

Side stone dumping vessel HAM 602 was used for the corresponding seabed protection, involving 70,000 tonnes of stone. A hydraulic crane on board the side stone dumping vessel added a filter layer with great accuracy. This was achieved using an innovative method developed in-house, which restricts the loss of dumping material to a minimum. 

Additional information
  • Start date
    June 2016
  • End date
    July 2016
  • Location
    Liverpool Bay, United Kingdom
  • Business Unit
    Offshore Wind
  • Client
    DONG Energy