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Fantastic job for a puzzle fan

Lianne Versteeg , Planning Engineer

‘The position of Planning Engineer is essential to a company with high complexity projects, where planning is crucial. Train travellers are all too familiar with the problems presented by planning a trip: travel plans with brief stopovers, only to have a delay that turns all of their plans upside down. One alternative is to plan a trip with longer stopovers. Considerations of probability and effect play a role in this respect. My job requires to figure out puzzles like this on a daily basis. For me, the puzzle pieces are the arrival and departure times of vessels, the time required for applying for permits, the weeks during which heavy weather at sea precludes working, and the breeding cycles of marine animals. 

Making our deadline together

‘Several years after completing my higher technical education in construction, I went to work in Dubai, where I often worked for Van Oord through my former employer. When I moved back to the Netherlands in 2011, I began working at Van Oord. I enjoy the company’s international character and working with people from different backgrounds. Because you work in small teams towards a single goal, you get to know your colleagues very well and you bond with one another. A great deal is expected of you as the deadline for a tender approaches, but working as a team enables you to give that little bit extra. You get a kick out of making a deadline.’

Complex projects

‘The position of Planning Engineer has become more visible within Van Oord because projects have become substantially more complex over the last decade. The emphasis is now on EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) projects, with an increasing proportion of the risks shifting from the client to the contractor. How much things will cost, how much time they’ll take, and how much material we’ll need has to be established down to the smallest detail, and we have to do this for various scenarios and compare the scenarios to one another. This phase doesn’t just result in the preparation of a tender document, it leads to real growth for us as a team. Team work is crucial. Luckily I find myself among very passionate people!’

Social aspects

‘Van Oord being a family-owned company is something I view very positively. You notice it most in the company’s social nature, because you’re seen as a person and your personal situation is taken into account. And because Van Oord is a social company, most of your colleagues have also worked here for a long time. That means the company has a great deal of knowledge and experience in-house, and that often sets our solutions apart from those of our competitors.’