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Focusing on the future

Stefan Maréchal , Tender Manager

‘I studied Civil Engineering at Delft University of Technology. An acquaintance of mine enjoyed his work at Van Oord and because of his enthusiasm, I decided to apply. I was accepted for a dredging project in Dubai. I learnt and experienced a great deal. When I returned to the Netherlands after two and a half years, I started work as a Cost Estimator. That position meant that I was involved in offshore wind projects. The first was the Belwind project and that was followed by the Gemini project, the largest offshore wind project undertaken by Van Oord up to now.’ 


‘I now work at the commercial department. As Tender Manager I focus on tenders for offshore wind projects. It is very interesting work. What I particularly enjoy about the commercial character of my position is that you meet many different people and you have to collaborate effectively to get things done. It is very satisfying to see a project carried out as it was conceived. And especially when you realise that you have contributed to its completion!’ 


‘Working in the offshore wind sector was not a deliberate choice, but I am really enjoying it. Offshore wind is a relatively new sector and things are developing rapidly. There are still many things to be discovered, such as the best way to construct a large wind farm miles from the coast. This presents a challenge. I would therefore certainly recommend the offshore wind sector to young engineers. You are involved in future developments, the energy transition to renewable energy, and you are therefore doing something to help society in the long term.’


‘Van Oord is an enterprising company that is not afraid to opt for a certain direction, to invest and to really go for it. That is how the company started in the offshore wind sector and the department is still expanding. If you are not quite sure of what you want, you can follow a traineeship at Van Oord and try out various disciplines, such as engineering and operations. You can also change direction at a later stage; there is room for manoeuvre. You do not need to leave after two or three years, there are career opportunities within the company.’