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More than half of the world’s population lives in cities. The world’s urban population currently stands at 3.7 billion people and is, with an expected to double by 2050. This has resulted in a growing worldwide demand to create more living space. Van Oord is adapting to these changing market conditions with our global marine engineering projects.

Dredging is our signature talent, one that we have perfected continuously since our business was founded. We maintain our position in traditional dredging markets and in our home markets thanks to the best dredging equipment and operational experience, supported by our local branches.

Expanding ports and waterways

In order to keep up with increasing maritime transport and larger container ships, countries throughout the world are expanding their ports and waterways. Van Oord delivers spectacular and innovative projects around the world. We also contribute to economic growth, including with projects such as the Moín container terminal in Costa Rica and the expansion of Taiwan’s largest land reclamation ports project.

Mass migration to coastal areas

The worldwide mass migration from interior regions to coastal areas is making it necessary to expand cities and ports towards the water. Van Oord is making this expansion possible by dredging sand at sea and depositing it closer to the coast for land reclamation. The land we create is used for various purposes, such as ports, industrial sites, nature development, and housing.

Rising sea levels

The impact of climate change means that a growing number of people around the world are living in flood-risk areas. Van Oord offers various land reclamation and coastal protection programmes for prevention. Our track record includes projects that protect these areas against rising sea levels and floods. In addition, we call on nature itself for help. Sand as a motor of coastal defence; Van Oord makes it possible with its Building with Nature programme.

Strong dredging fleet

Van Oord has a strong and modern dredging fleet. The new generation of vessels is modernising our fleet and improving our competitive position in different markets. One such vessel is our first LNG-powered vessel, the Werkendam. After completion, the vessel will be able to run on LNG, with gas oil as a back-up. Thanks to smart features, it will use less fuel and emit less CO2 without compromising operational production.

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We have three subsidiaries within Dredging: Wicks, Mackley and Dravo S.A.

Wicks specialises in soil improvement technologies. Its core activities are vertical drainage, horizontal deep drainage and soil compaction. The company operates in Northwest Europe, and outside Europe in areas like the emerging Asian markets. Like the rest of Van Oord, Wicks prioritises innovation and is constantly seeking ways to upgrade its equipment and improve its techniques.

Marine engineering specialist J.T. Mackley & Co. Ltd is a subsidiary of Van Oord UK. The firm plays an important role in our joint venture activities for the UK Environment Agency and local authorities. As part of Team Van Oord, a joint venture between Van Oord, Kier, Mackley and Royal HaskoningDHV, the company is working on a variety of projects. For example the flood defence works at Shoreham Adur Tidal Wall Scheme on the English south coast.

Dravo S.A. has been part of Van Oord since 1987 and has a solid position in the southern European market for marine dredging. It can be spotted all along the Spanish coast assisting the flourishing tourism industry by carrying out beach replenishment. It also works on coastal defences and performs maintenance dredging in rivers and ports.

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