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Hollandsch Diep provides region 20 years of storage capacity

Today was the official opening of the dredging spoil disposal site in the Hollandsch Diep, a section of river linked to the Rhine and the Meuse. The Dutch Department of Public Works can now store polluted dredging spoil from the lower reaches of the rivers at the site. Forecasts are that it will be twenty years before the site is full. At that point, it will contain an estimated 10 million m3 of polluted sediment. Once the site is full, it will be covered with clean soil and turned into a nature area.

The Sassenplaat Consortium, of which Van Oord Nederland is a member, began working on the design for the dredging spoil disposal site in December 2005. The consortium partners spent the next two and a half years digging the site – which measures 1300 m in length and 500 m in width – next to Sassenplaat Island, a nature reserve. They also constructed dykes and grounds for facilities. At about 32 m depth, the site can store approximately 10.2 million m3 of spoil.

In addition to the site construction, the project also involved expanding the Sassenplaat nature reserve, replenishing the Hoogezandsche Gorzen mud flats and covering 590 hectares of polluted bed.

The opening ceremony was performed by Bert Keijts (Director-General of the Department of Public Works) and Johan Kloet (Director of Van Oord Nederland).

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