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Romans open Spiegelzee Pavilion in Katwijk

The Spiegelzee Pavilion had its official opening on Friday 18 July 2008, presided over by the Director-General of Public Works and Water Management, Bert Keijts, and a small army of Roman primary school students. The Spiegelzee Pavilion is located on the beach at Katwijk, approximately where the Roman fort of Brittenburg once stood.

Visitors to Spiegelzee can see what the world is like at various different sea levels, for example 6 m NAP (Normal Sea Level at Amsterdam), as it was during the last Ice Age, and -120 m NAP, when the North Sea was dry.

The purpose of the Spiegelzee Pavilion is to teach a broad group of visitors about the past, present and future of the sea level and the role that nature and human beings play.

Admission free 
Admission to the pavilion is free of charge. Students and staff from Delft University of Technology and the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) will give guided tours to groups upon request. Tours can be booked on the website

The idea for the Spiegelzee Pavilion came from students and researchers at Delft University of Technology. The pavilion was designed by ZUS architects. TNO adopted the project.  The Spiegelzee Pavilion was made possible thanks to the National Committee of the Year of Planet Earth, Delft University of Technology, TNO, the Directorate-General of Public Works and Water Management, Rabobank at Katwijk, Van Oord, the Province of Zuid-Holland, the Rijnland Dike and Polder Board and the Municipality of Katwijk.

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