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Van Oord gets contract for record coast replenishment project

Van Oord has been contracted by the Dutch Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management to carry out the country’s biggest foreshore replenishment project ever. Up to early 2009, Van Oord’s suction hopper dredgers will deposit more than eight million cubic metres of sand off the coast at Den Helder. The contract comes to EUR 27 million.

Van Oord is regularly involved in maintaining the Dutch coastline. The company has the expertise and equipment to pro-actively work on keeping the low-lying country safe and sound behind a set of strong coastal defences. Foreshore replenishment involves depositing a body of sand off the coast. This reduces the currents in the sea, making it less necessary to keep up the beach. It is also a cheaper option than beach replenishment.

Climate change and the associated rise in sea level will require further reinforcement and widening of Dutch coastal defences.

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