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Van Oord joins floating homes consortium

Van Oord has signed a cooperation agreement for the development of the ‘WaterplusHousing’ concept. There is a rising demand for floating homes and water storage in the Netherlands. Now Bouwfonds Property Development, AquaPlanning, Van Oord and Betonson have signed a declaration of intent to develop the ‘WaterplusHousing’ concept that is to meet both demands. Van Oord was previously involved in constructing the IJburg residential island near Amsterdam.

The new concept provides the basis for developing entire residential neighbourhoods on the water, including floating roads, outdoor cafes, greenery, and so on. The partners intend to test the feasibility of their concept in a new housing development, part of the Westeraam project in the town of Elst. A water storage facility is to be constructed in the Westeraam district, and the partners are investigating whether their concept can contribute both to water storage and floating homes in a way that is financially attractive and of good quality.

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