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Award of one-year maintenance contract in Northern Germany

The federal Wasser- und Schifffahrtsverwaltung, the manager of all German waterways, has, through its Wasser- und Schifffahrtsamt Cuxhaven department, awarded maintenance dredging works in the estuaries of the Elbe and Jade to a joint venture of which Brewaba, the German Van Oord subsidiary, forms part.
The contract value is EUR 37 million, an important part of which will be executed by Brewaba. A six-month contract extension option forms part of the agreement.

Using trailing suction hopper dredgers, the joint venture will undertake to maintain the Unter and Aussenelbe and Innen and Aussenjade waterways for large seagoing vessels for the period of one year.
It is expected that 10 million m3 material from the Elbe channel and 4 million m3 material from the Jade channel will be removed. Depending on the hopper capacity of the trailing suction hopper dredgers deployed, two will be operational at the same time. Operations started on 1 April 2009.

The maintenance dredging is an essential part of keeping various Northern German ports accessible to large seagoing vessels.

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