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Backhoe Goliath operational

Van Oord’s backhoe Goliath became operational today. The Goliath is a Backacter 1100 – an excavator with three spud poles fitted to a pontoon – and the largest category of hydraulic dredging crane in the world. It will be used to dredge ports and provides services to the offshore industry worldwide.

The vessel's maiden trial will be in the port of Rotterdam. The Goliath will be moored along Parkkade during Rotterdam's World Port Days on 4, 5 and 6 September next.

The Goliath can be equipped with a grab that holds 25 to 40 m3 of material (the size of an average student's lodgings) and can work at a dredging depth of up to 26 m. It has a total power output of 5000 HP, comparable to fifty large automobiles.

Van Oord is building a second Backacter 1100, named the Simson. The two vessels are part of the company's EUR 1 billion investment programme for 2007-2011. The Simson will be operational before the end of 2009. The two new backhoes will enhance Van Oord's position in the dredging market. The vessels can work in locations that are difficult to reach and are suitable for dredging trenches and working in hard soil.

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