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Official recognition for green policy

Managing Director Pieter van Oord has taken receipt of the ISO 14001 environmental certificate, which was presented to him by a representative of Lloyd’s Register EMEA. The ISO 14001 environmental certificate is confirmation of Van Oord’s sustainable and environmentally responsible approach to its projects, offices and vessels worldwide. ‘We are proud that our continuous quality improvement efforts have been recognised,’ commented Pieter van Oord.

The award of this certificate sends a clear signal to the public that sustainable development is a major motivation in the Van Oord’s dredging and infrastructure projects worldwide. ‘There’s a good reason why Van Oord is a member of the consortium working on the Port of Rotterdam expansion project, Maasvlakte 2,’ says Pieter van Oord. ‘It's a project in which various environmental factors play an important role. Van Oord is also one of the initiators of Building with Nature, an innovative research programme aimed at exploring the ecological impact of marine construction projects.’

By awarding Van Oord its quality label, Lloyd's has confirmed the company’s ongoing efforts to improve its operational processes by applying standardised procedures, training its employees, and mobilising resources to manage environmental aspects. Van Oord will monitor compliance with the ISO 14001 environmental certificate by performing internal and external audits.

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