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Partnership with Hogeschool Rotterdam

Following a successful period of cooperation and mutual enhancement, 'Hogeschool Rotterdam' and Van Oord have decided to formalise their arrangement contractually.

Van Oord wishes to offer students at 'Hogeschool Rotterdam' the opportunity to gain international experience in the field, for example by conducting research (abroad), going on an internship (also abroad), or working on a company-specific problem. This knowledge transfer will lead to new incentives for students. In addition, having talented students around may also be inspiring for Van Oord's team of professionals.

'Hogeschool Rotterdam' offers Van Oord the opportunity to raise its profile among students enrolled at the Institute for Financial Management and to demonstrate its advantages as an employer, for example by participating in Business Days, case studies and International Weeks. Van Oord will also contribute to teaching by giving guest lectures and organising student tours of its operations.

In consultation with Van Oord, the partnership can be extended to include other institutes, such as EAS (Engineering and Applied Science) and COM (Commercial Management).

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