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Van Oord and The Green Miles: a green message

Van Oord has agreed to act as main sponsor for the two-year climate project ‘The Green Miles’.

From 15 March 2009 through December 2010, Arjen van Eijk and Florian Dirkse of the Netherlands will set sail on an adventure and produce a documentary targeted at raising awareness about the critical role oceans play in our world's climate. They will also be focusing on the impact of climate change on human beings.

The two sailors will visit ocean-related climate projects around the world, headed by such leading organisations as the World Wildlife Fund, the Dutch Red Cross, and the Marine Stewardship Council. Their youthful enthusiasm will generate renewed interest in pollution at sea, the consequences of tourism, and overfishing. The National Geographic Channel will broadcast a documentary on the voyage to ensure that their story reaches a wider audience.

Van Oord is supporting Arjen van Eijk and Florian Dirkse in their adventure, allowing the two sailors to concentrate on their ‘green' message. It is Van Oord's aim to work with The Green Miles project to make people more aware of the environment and the oceans.

Van Oord's corporate marketing and PR manager:"By supporting The Green Miles climate project, we are emphasising how important it is to deal carefully with our earth and, more specifically, the maritime environment - which, after all, is Van Oord's area of operation. We also believe that Florian and Arjen are enterprising young men who have the courage to face up to challenges, who take responsibility, who respect the world we live in, and who show enormous team spirit. These are remarkable qualities that reflect the ‘One Team Van Oord' culture. That is why these two young adventurers are ideal ambassadors for Van Oord. We hope that they will have an opportunity during their round-the-world voyage to visit a number of Van Oord projects. We are active on all the continents, so we are confident that they will."

The sponsorship agreement was concluded in close collaboration with Sportinnova - Sports & Leisure marketing bureau. The Green Miles also recently welcomed Europeesche Verzekeringen and Sinner Eyewear as sponsors through the efforts of Sportinnova.

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