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Van Oord protects pipeline in Baydaratskaya Bay

Van Oord has been awarded a contract for the Baydaratskaya Bay Crossing project in Baydaratskaya Bay on the Yamal Peninsula in the Russian Federation. The client is the Russian oil and gas giant Gazprom. The contract involves dredging a trench for an offshore pipeline and backfilling of the trench with previously excavated material in order to stabilise and protect the pipeline.

The work is part of the Yamal Megaproject. This project involves the development of infrastructure to transport gas from the Bovanenkovskoye gas field to the Yamal Peninsula in Siberia via the Bovanenko-Ukhta gas pipeline system, now under construction. Russia's MRTS (Mezh Region Truboprovod Stroy) is the main contractor for the pipeline installation. Van Oord will work for MRTS as a subcontractor.

Van Oord previously deployed trailing suction hopper dredger Utrecht at this location. The ‘working window' is limited due to ice conditions and navigation is possible only for a brief period between late July and late October. This year, Van Oord will be deploying the Utrecht and a second trailing suction hopper dredger, the Geopotes 15.

The Yamal Megaproject is an important development for Gazprom. It is anticipated that various pipelines will be installed in the Yamal area in the next few years.

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