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Van Oord reinforces Dutch coast

Van Oord has been awarded two project contracts to reinforce coastal defences in the Netherlands. The contracts involve a total sum of approximately EUR 48 million, with Van Oord’s activities accounting for around EUR 24 million.

The first project involves sand suppletion along the coast in the Voorne region, where trailing suction hopper dredgers will deposit more than 2.2 million m3 of sand. The client is the Hollandse Delta Water Board. The project is scheduled to be completed in spring 2010.

The second project involves reinforcing the coastal defences in Zeeland (Zeeuws-Vlaanderen region) and sand suppletion at Nolle-Westduin (in the Walcheren region). More than 3 million m3 of sand will be deposited on the foreshore and beaches of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. The dunes at Nolle-Westduin will be reinforced, with 550,000 m3 of sand being carried from the sea over the dunes and deposited on the landward side. The client is the Department of Public Works and Water Management. The project will be completed before the end of this year.

Van Oord has joined forces with Boskalis on both projects, which are part of the Public Works' ‘Weak Links' (‘Zwakke Schakels') programme. So-called Weak Links are sections of coast that will need to be reinforced before 2020 in order to satisfy hinterland flood safety requirements in the event of a rise in sea level or an increase in storm frequency, and to meet new wave boundary conditions.

Van Oord finished reinforcing the Hondsbossche and Pettemer coastal defence this spring. It is currently reinforcing the Delfland Coast between Hoek van Holland and Scheveningen-Zuid. The work on this Weak Link must be completed by late 2011.

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