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First phase Belwind offshore completed

After the installation of the 56 monopiles Van Oord has now installed the last of the 56 transition pieces (TPs), of which 1 TP is for the Offshore High Voltage Station of the Belwind offshore wind park off the coast of Belgium. The 56 TPs were manufactured in Aalborg, Denmark and transported to Zeebrugge, Belgium.

The TPs weigh 160 tonnes each and are 25 metres long. The foundation of each windturbine, consisting of a monopile and a TP, weighs 410 - 660 tonnes in total and is 65 to 90 metres long. With the installation of the TPs, the foundations for the 55 windturbines and the offshore transformer station was completed and the first operational phase of the project was completed on schedule. By the end of March Van Oord will begin with the transport and installation of the 55 wind generator turbines of 3 MW each (165 MW in total).

Belwind is Van Oord's second EPC contract. As EPC contractor 
Van Oord is responsible for engineering, procurement and construction. Earlier Van Oord completed the Princess Amalia wind farm project off the coast of IJmuiden, the Netherlands. Van Oord's knowledge and experience is concentrated in its business unit Offshore Wind Projects (OWP). The construction of the large Belwind project confirms the leading role of Van Oord as EPC contractor in North West Europe.

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