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EUR 190 million Australian project awarded

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Van Oord Australia Pty Ltd and Dredging International (Australia) Pty Ltd have been awarded the Western Basin Main Works Dredging – Parcel 5 contract in the Port of Gladstone, Queensland, Australia. The client of this AUD 260 million (EUR 190 million) contract is the Queensland Gladstone Ports Corporation. The contract was signed on 4th March 2011 in Gladstone. Van Oord Australia Pty Ltd is part of the Dutch, Rotterdam based, dredging and offshore contractor Van Oord and is the sponsor within the 50/50 VODI Joint Venture. Dredging International (Australia) is part of the Belgian dredging, environmental and hydraulic engineering Group DEME.

The works under Parcel 5 of the WBDD project include dredging to - 7.5 m of a 3 km access channel and several access channel ramifications as well as several berth pockets. The specific aim of the Parcel 5 dredging works is to allow access of all construction equipment to the so called Material Offloading Facility on Curtis Island as well as to allow an early start of the actual berths construction. A total volume of 6 million m3 will be dredged, of which about 4 million m3 will be disposed of in strictly defined disposal areas 45 km offshore. The remainder will be pumped ashore to create a provisional new port area in the Port of Gladstone.

The actual dredging works will start on 2nd June 2011 and have a contractual execution period of 40 weeks. Heavy-duty dredging equipment will be mobilized to complete this important dredging assignment. Two backhoe dredgers, a backactor and a spread of splitbarges will start the works in June. As from August 2011 they will be joined by a seagoing cutter dredger to perform the planned reclamation works.

The works represent the first stage of the Western Basin Dredging Project (WBDD) that will allow the construction of all planned LNG facilities in Gladstone. Within the largest LNG scheme in Australia coal seam gas (coalbed methane) produced in the Surat and Bowen basins in eastern Queensland will be piped 435 km to gas liquefaction plants on Curtis Island in Gladstone for conversion into LNG. The formal funding parties for these facilities are Queensland CLNG (BG Group) and Gladstone LNG (Santos, Petronas and partners).

The entire project is subdivided into 7 independent Parcels with a total budget of approx. AUD 1,300 million (EUR 950 million). For the overall project an environmental impact statement (EIS) has been prepared and approved.

Only a few weeks ago, Dredging International (Australia) Pty Ltd completed the Gladstone early works dredging and Fisherman's reclamation works, which were the prelude to this important new contract.

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