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Van Oord is keeping Dutch port areas accessible

Van Oord has been awarded a contract by The Netherlands’ Department of Public Works for the execution of maintenance dredging work. The work involves a three-year performance contract and relates to two dredging plots.

For the execution of the work, which will start on 1 September 2011, Van Oord will be deploying equipment including two trailing suction hopper dredgers. The contract value amounts to more than EUR 20 million.

The first plot involves maintaining the Maasgeul, Eurogeul and IJgeul channels. These are the North Sea channels that provide access for shipping to the Rotterdam and Amsterdam port areas. The Maasgeul channel will also be widened. Moreover, this contract offers the opportunity for marine sand extraction at a number of fixed locations in the North Sea.

The second plot involves maintaining channels from the harbour mouth near IJmuiden up to locks. It is vital for shipping that these channels always have the correct depth to maintain access to the Amsterdam port area. The development of the Fortput sandpit is part of this contract.

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