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Van Oord's Work Safe programme awarded

Van Oord’s Work Safe programme won the International Association of Dredging Companies’ (IADC) 2011 Safety Award. After making an inventory of the accidents on site over the last few years, Van Oord decided to implement a comprehensive programme to address overall safety. The result was Work Safe.

As CEO Pieter van Oord remarked upon receiving the award from IADC Secretary General, Mr René Kolman and IADC President, Mr Koos van Oord: ‘Our company is extremely honoured to be the recipient of the IADC Annual Safety Award. Van Oord prides itself on ingenuity in meeting the challenges inherent to maritime construction and inventiveness to realise innovative and sustainable solutions for worldwide maritime challenges. Our approach to safety issues is the same. This prize was awarded, not for a specific project, but for an overall safety system, a system which has been implemented in our organisation over the last year.

Work Safe presents employees with a number of questions about safety to ask themselves in order to achieve a safer working environment. For instance, what should one do - and especially not do - within the framework of safety. The rules in Work Safe have been created based on their answers and on analysing the most typical types of accidents that occur during dredging projects. From this process, ‘lessons learnt' have been derived. With these lessons learnt from the past, we are able to work even more safely in the present and future.

In the Work Safe system each individual process is addressed separately and a list of instructions have been written which describes the safety issues related to that particular operation. These safety guidelines apply to dredging and marine works by Van Oord and its subcontractors. The results have been encouraging. From 2010 to the present we have already noted a decrease of on-job incidents.'

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