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Second issue of Van Oord’s client magazine now available

Offshore installation vessel Aeolus is the eye-catcher of the second edition of Van Oord's magazine. Four giant legs allow Aeolus to be jacked up and work in waters up to 55 metres deep. Now it’s playing a key role in the construction of two Dutch offshore wind farms.

This issue includes an article about the hydraulic engineering challenges and threats now facing Indonesia. Four opinion and business leaders share their vision on the importance of co-creation in this era.

You can also learn about the Kapuk Naga Indah project, which is part of Jakarta’s National Capital Integrated Coastal Development (NCICD) plan. The goal is to guarantee the safety of millions of Jakartans during floods and to further expand the city. The solution lies in the construction of artificial islands.

How is Van Oord facing the challenge of working in close proximity to sensitive ecosystems? One way is by increasing opportunities for nature to develop. Van Oord’s ReefGuard is a great, innovative method for actively rehabilitating coral reefs.

You can also read about Constanta, the largest port on the Black Sea. Van Oord is executing two projects to keep this main entrance to the hinterland as safe as possible.

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The magazine About Marine ingenuity gives clients, business contacts, and others interested in our industry a better understanding of the Van Oord world. It is published twice a year. You can read the magazine on your desktop, laptop, or tablet (also soon available in the Van Oord app). Do you have questions or suggestions? We would enjoy hearing them. Please respond by writing to us at


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