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Discover online magazine ‘About Marine ingenuity’

About Marine ingenuity is Van Oord’s online magazine about ground-breaking projects and smart marine solutions.

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In this third issue you can read about the world-famous Suez Canal. Since October 2014 Van Oord has been working on a new waterway parallel to the existing canal. Did you know that Van Oord and the Suez Canal share a long history?

In the deep Norwegian Sea, flexible fall pipe vessel Stornes managed to install rock at a record-breaking depth of almost 1,300 metres. By communicating closely, dividing tasks clearly, and making solid plans, the project team and the stakeholders came up with the best possible solution together. A great example of Marine ingenuity.

The battle against water is an issue that occupies many countries. Projects around the world show how to increase coastal protection and minimise flooding risks. Read about giving the river more room to manage higher water levels and the use of sand, rock, and geo-textiles to improve flood defences.

The magazine About Marine ingenuity gives clients, business contacts, and others interested in our industry a better understanding of the Van Oord world. You can read the magazine on your desktop, laptop, or tablet (soon also available in the Van Oord app, which you can download in the App Store or Google play).

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