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Van Oord publishes new magazine

Do you share our passion for water and technology? We call it Marine ingenuity. Read about it in our new online magazine and get inspired by new techniques and complex marine engineering projects.

Second Suez Canal: we did it!

The construction of the second Suez Canal in Egypt was like a rollercoaster ride. By completing this iconic project, Van Oord once again left its mark on the world. View full article

Nexus’ challenging first job

Connecting one of the world’s largest offshore wind projects to the power net: quite a challenging first job for cable-laying vessel Nexus. View full article

Our latest invention: dredging deeper

The forward march of technology never stops, certainly not at Van Oord. Our latest invention?  The Deep Excavation System allows flexible fallpipe vessels to dredge in depths up to at least 1,000 metres. View full article

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The online magazine is published twice a year. You can read the magazine on your desktop, laptop, or tablet (via URL or in the Van Oord app). Questions or suggestions? We would enjoy hearing them. Please respond by writing to us at

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Robert de Bruin deals with all media enquiries relating to Van Oord's corporate and international activities. For non press related questions we kindly redirect you to our contact form.

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