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Van Oord has been awarded the 2016 Leonardo da Vinci prize

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Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 9 June 2016 - The 2016 Leonardo da Vinci prize has been awarded to Van Oord. Mr A. Aboutaleb, the Mayor of Rotterdam, presented the prestigious international prize for family businesses to CEO Pieter van Oord.

Since 2011, Les Hénokiens, an international association of family businesses older than two hundred years, in collaboration with Château du Clos Lucé in Amboise, has awarded the Leonardo da Vinci prize to a significant family business that is at least two generations old. Furthermore, the criteria for this prize are geared to the vision, as well as the innovation and sustainability agenda of the businesses. Les Hénokiens is based in Paris and has 47 members. These are businesses that are at least two hundred years old and are still owned by the same family as the founder. The most notable member is the Japanese hotel Hoshi, which has been owned since 718 by the same family and is now run by the 47th generation.

Willem van Eeghen, chair of Les Hénokiens, explains the selection of Van Oord. ‘We award this prize to businesses that are continuously adjusting to market circumstances while taking into account long-term developments, which show respect for the environment in which they work and ensure a living legacy. Van Oord, which is now being managed by the fourth generation, has expanded into an international organisation with 5,000 employees. The company, which offers solutions to global maritime challenges, is involved in many activities and programmes focusing on innovation and research, such as the Building with Nature knowledge programme.

We are honoured to have been awarded this prestigious prize. As a family business, Van Oord concentrates on long-term continuity, which means that investing in the right people and innovative vessels is vital.

Pieter van Oord, CEO
Pieter van Oord, CEO

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