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Van Oord starts collaboration with promising start-ups

Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 23 June 2017 – The partnership between Van Oord and the start-up acceleration platform PortXL has reached new heights this year. During the final event on 22 June, Van Oord announced its collaboration with as many as five very promising start-ups.

The young entrepreneurs of Parable, a start-up specialising in safety training using virtual reality, have been assigned by Van Oord to work on a simulation environment for offshore wind lifting operations. Start-ups Njörd Filtration and Green Sea Guard are reducing and measuring the emissions on Van Oord vessels. A water injection vessel will be equipped with a Njörd Filtration purification system for cleaner diesel. The results will subsequently be measured using the measuring tools of Green Sea Guard.The final contract has been signed with the start-up This business supplies a software application to provide medical care at sea.

Earlier this year Van Oord already announced its cooperation with Oceanos. This start-up produces navigation systems for self-propelled vessels used for, for example, hydrographic recordings. These new collaborations mean a successful completion for Van Oord of the second PortXL event. In the upcoming period, Van Oord will be working on implementing these innovations with the five start-ups and continuing the partnership with PortXL.

During the selection process of the start-ups, Van Oord was looking for businesses that can be directly linked to our core activities dredging, offshore and offshore wind. As a result of this focus, the partnership with PortXL has led to an exceptionally productive result.

Paul Verheul, COO, Van Oord
Paul Verheul, COO, Van Oord

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