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Construction of new highway awarded to Van Oord consortium

Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 5 April 2018 - To improve access to and quality of life in the Rotterdam region, Rijkswaterstaat plans to construct a new motorway.  Rijkswaterstaat awarded the A16 Rotterdam motorway project to De Groene Boog consortium, of which Van Oord is part.

Less traffic jams, better flow of traffic, better accessibility and quality of life for local residents around the A13 and A20 motorways. The new motorway along the northeastern part of Rotterdam will provide much benefits for the region. The consortium that is responsible for the execution of this project consist of BESIX, Dura Vermeer, TBI and Van Oord. It is an extensive project in which various disciplines come together, including the construction of a new motorway, adaptation of existing roads and connections and the construction of a deepened tunnel. The project is remarkable because of a number of innovative applications and the ambition to make this motorway an energy-neutral road.

Attention to the environment is crucial in this project. Various solutions are offered to limit environmental nuisance for the residents of the A13 and A16. One example is the extra road for construction traffic over the total distance of the project. Local traffic will have as little trouble as possible during execution phase. Upon completion, the extra noise-reducing asphalt, noise barriers and earth embankments will show their value.

The kick-off is expected to in early 2019. In 2024 the A16 Rotterdam will open for traffic.

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