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International symposium to celebrate Van Oord’s 150th anniversary

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Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 23 November 2018 – Van Oord is marking its 150th anniversary today during an international symposium featuring top diplomat Christiana Figueres as guest speaker. In addition to climate change, the energy transition and other themes, the symposium will celebrate the history of Dutch marine engineering with the presentation of the book Breaking New Ground.

Throughout 2018, Van Oord has marked its 150th anniversary by drawing attention to its rich past in marine engineering and to present-day challenges, including climate change and the energy transition. Today, 23 November 2018, it has organised the symposium ‘Mastering the Elements’ at the Laurenskerk in Rotterdam.

Paris Climate Agreement

Van Oord has invited Ms Christiana Figueres to speak at the symposium. Ms Figueres was the United Nations’ top climate change diplomat and delivered the Paris Agreement on Climate in 2015. She will emphasize the importance of achieving the climate agreements to combat global warming.

Presentation of the book Breaking New Ground

The symposium will also take time out to celebrate the history of Dutch marine engineering. Barbara Visser, Dutch State Secretary of Defence, will take receipt of the book Breaking New Ground (Dutch title: Grondleggers), by maritime historian Joke Korteweg. Ms Korteweg spent four years researching the history of Van Oord and its legal predecessors. The result is a story of Dutch dredging pioneers and how they turned their skilled craft into today’s professional marine contracting industry. The book has been published by Balans.

Innovation Challenge winners

Van Oord has spent the past few months helping eight entrepreneurs develop a professional business plan. It was part of the Van Oord Innovation Challenge, a competition for start-ups and scale-ups that are eager to work on building a better future. During the symposium, the winner will have the opportunity to present its innovation to the audience. The winning start-up will be granted an exclusive, one-year partnership contract with Van Oord.

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Gesture to Rotterdam

Van Oord has its head office in Rotterdam and as part of the celebrations it wants to make a gesture to the city. On behalf of the city council, deputy mayor Bert Wijbenga will receive a gift that will strengthen the connection between city and water. A project in the public space near the Maas river, accessible to everyone and therefore a gift to all Rotterdam inhabitants.

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Close of anniversary year

Van Oord will bring its year-long anniversary celebrations to a close with a two-day event marking the christening of its new trailing suction hopper dredger Vox Amalia. On 14 December, Her Majesty Queen Máxima will perform the christening ceremony at the Cruise Terminal in Rotterdam in the presence of Van Oord’s employees and guests.

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