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Rijkswaterstaat awarded Van Oord the contract to dredge Marker Wadden channel

Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 18 June 2018 – Acting also on behalf of the Dutch Nature Preservation Society (Natuurmonumenten), Rijkswaterstaat has awarded Van Oord the contract for dredging an extra channel to the south of Marker Wadden.

Dredging the channel will create more space for the underwater capture of silt. It will contribute to restoring the environmental and water quality of the Markermeer and also to the objectives for the FPES (Future-proof Ecological System).

Dredging an additional channel of approximately 900 metres will make a major contribution to construction of Marker Wadden. The dredged clayey material will be used to fill in two compartments. This type of soil is important for nature to develop.

Some of the sand that is dredged will be used to reinforce the southern edge of the first island. That will create a natural shoreline that is beneficial for improving the ecology and robustness of the island. Van Oord can offer the remaining sand to any market party or use it for its own purposes. To dredge the channel and fill in the first island of Marker Wadden, Van Oord deploys cutter suction dredger Biesbosch.

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