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New edition online magazine goes subsea and beyond

Water is all around us. Many people live close by, or sometimes even with their feet inside the water. By accelerating climate initiatives, Van Oord wants to make societies more resilient and futureproof against the rising sea level. Discover how in our new magazine.

Open magazine

Some highlights of this edition:

Portrait of a sinking city

The Indonesian capital Jakarta is sinking. Award-winning photographer Cynthia Boll impressively captured the effects on daily life in the city. Read interview

Welcome on board: Vox Amalia

How does a trailing suction hopper dredger work? We invite you to come on board and take a look. Start digital tour

Under African skies

In West Africa, we are using our expertise to strengthen the coastline in Senegal, to construct a landfall for an oil and gas pipeline in Nigeria and provide deeper port access in Mauritania. Read more

Accelerating Climate Initiatives

To underline its sustainable ambition and to inspire all stakeholders, Van Oord presents a white paper on accelerating climate initiatives. Learn about the climate challenges the world is facing, and what we can do to adapt, and which integrated solutions Van Oord offers. Read more

The online magazine is published twice a year. You can read the magazine on your desktop, laptop, or tablet (via URL or in the Van Oord app, available in Google Play and the App Store).

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