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Van Oord and PortXL: frontrunner in innovation

Rotterdam, 21 February 2019 - Selecting the best start-ups and scale-ups for the maritime industry, that is the goal of the innovation programme PortXL. The names of the start-ups and scale-ups were announced this week. Van Oord is one of the founding partners and for the fourth time in a row main sponsor of the PortXL programme. By means of this port and maritime accelerator platform, we encourage innovation within the global maritime industry. 

During the selection process, not only start-ups had the opportunity to participate. Scale-ups can also be part of the acceleration programme from this year. These companies have promising  and innovative products. A different approach and mentoring is required, so that their technology can be applied directly within Van Oord. An experienced group of Van Oord specialists is looking forward to working with these selected companies.

PortXL provides the opportunity to be inspired by innovative ideas that aim to support businesses outside the normal routine of Van Oord. This incubator can be used to encourage the outside-in perspective of Van Oord employees to catch ingenious ideas that add value to Van Oord business.

Giuseppe Petrina, Van Oord Lead Mentor
Giuseppe Petrina, Van Oord Lead Mentor

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