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Changes in Supervisory Board and publication of 2019 Annual Report

Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 16 April 2020 - The General Meeting of Shareholders of Van Oord N.V. was held on 15 April 2020. During this meeting the 2019 Annual Report was presented and a change of the supervisory membership was approved.

The Annual Financial Statements were adopted and the shareholders granted discharge of liability to the Executive Board and Supervisory Board for the management and supervision conducted in the 2019 financial year.


Composition of Supervisory Board

After almost 12 years as a member of the Van Oord Supervisory Board, Mr Koos van Oord has formally stepped down. He will attend the supervisory board meetings until September 2020.

We are very grateful to Mr Koos van Oord for everything that he has done for our organisation, not only as a Supervisory Board member, but also during his time as Chairman of the Executive Board of Van Oord (2003 – 2008). In a time of mergers and acquisitions between dredging companies, he was a driving force behind the merger between Van Oord ACZ and BHD in 2003. Mr Koos van Oord has been involved in our family company for almost 50 years.

Our gratitude also goes to Mr Kommer Damen, who also has stepped down from the Supervisory Board after 12 years. His knowledge and commercial experience in the maritime industry have been invaluable.

During the meeting, Mr Paul Verheul was appointed as a new member of the Supervisory Board. Mr Paul Verheul is Van Oord’s former Chief Operations Officer (2011 – 2019) and now serving as Executive Director of MerweOord, the Van Oord family’s holding company. He will start his Supervisory Board membership as of September 2020. Also Mr Jan Valkier was appointed as new member of the Supervisory Board. As CEO of shipping company Anthony Veder, he will bring relevant expertise to the table.

The term of 3 Supervisory Board members ended in April. Mr Laurent Josi, Mr Hoek and Mr van der Ven were reappointed for another 4 years.

The composition of the Supervisory Board will be from September as follows: Niek Hoek, Chair, and members, Jean-Marie Laurent Josi, Hans van der Ven, Rob Kretzers, Paul Verheul and Jan Valkier.

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2019 Annual Report

In the Annual Report 2019 Van Oord looks back at a challenging year. The report provides an overview of the results and activities achieved in 2019, it explains the strategy and it describes the environment in which Van Oord operates as a maritime contractor, and the way in which it creates value for stakeholders. The report provides information on both the financial and the non-financial results of the company.

The 2019 Annual Report is available via our website The full PDF can also be downloaded there. Tablet users can use the Van Oord app (App Store and Google Play).

Note: The annual report 2019 was finalised before the outbreak of the corona crisis. As such the outlook in the document will be affected by this crisis. We have not taken into account the consequences of this crisis in the outlook as they are unknown.

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