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New issue of Van Oord magazine is bursting with energy

Energy! It has become nearly as important as the air we breathe and the water we drink. The world today is facing a double challenge: the seemingly endless demand for more energy and the need for less carbon. The latest issue of the Van Oord magazine describes how the energy transition will shake up the energy mix as we know it. 

Some highlights of this edition

Five questions for CEO Pieter van Oord

Our CEO explains how Van Oord is contributing to the global energy transition, in which offshore wind plays a major role.

Windpark Fryslân

Do the words ‘Fan en foar Fryslân’ mean anything to you? It is the project slogan for the world’s largest windpark in a lake. The project is not just delivering renewable energy however. It is also engaging with the local community.

Can you dig it?

It looks like a massive robot moving over the sandy seabed. Learn how this Deep Dig-It trencher clears a pathway for installing cables on the seabed between offshore wind turbines.

Driven by wind

Wind also plays a main role in the story of six fanatic kite surfers. Read about how they challenged themselves on an 800- kilometres trip along the Brazilian coastline. Their adventures will certainly boost your energy!

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