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Online magazine

Online magazine ‘About Marine ingenuity’ gives clients, business contacts, and others interested in our industry a better understanding of the Van Oord world. The next issue will be published in September 2018. Just like previous editions, this edition will be packed with inspiring and in-depth stories.

Some highlights of edition number nine:

Speaking: CEO Pieter van Oord
‘I believe that our new company values will excel the way we do business. We endure and face multifaceted years, but we do it with confidence. Especially this year, as we celebrate our 150th anniversary.’ Read the introduction >

Interview with Henk Ovink
Henk Ovink sees water as the number one global risk, but also as an opportunity for cultural change. He is a man on a mission. As Special Envoy for International Water Affairs, Henk represents the Netherlands in global water management issues. View full interview >

Leading the league in offshore wind
In the offshore wind industry, it’s essential to stay ahead of the competition and keep offering clients the very best value. But how can we anticipate the market without a crystal ball to predict the future? Discover it >

Mexico’s underwater highway
700 kilometres. That is the length of the route crossed by the giant subsea gas pipelines running between the USA and Mexico. Van Oord is helping to build this new underwater highway of pipelines. Read more >

Other subjects:

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