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Online magazine

Online magazine ‘About Marine ingenuity’ gives clients, business contacts, and others interested in our industry a better understanding of the Van Oord world. The next issue will be published in February 2019. Just like previous editions, this edition will be packed with inspiring and in-depth stories.

Some highlights of edition number ten:

Speaking: CEO Pieter van Oord
‘We trace our roots back to 1868. It is remarkable that some challenges of the past, such as protecting communities against water and reinforcing coastlines, are just as relevant today.’ Read the introduction >

Meet the start-ups
The Van Oord Innovation Challenge is a quest for new partnerships. The final eight selected start-ups present themselves and their ideas. Check the videos >

Interview with Christiana Figueres
She delivered the Paris Agreement on Climate in 2015. Since then, Christiana Figueres has worked tirelessly to get the world on track to beat global warming before 2020. Read full interview >

Evolution of vessels
Over the past 150 years, our equipment has undergone an evolution from straightforward vessels like fishing boats to innovative floating plants offering the comfort of a ‘cruise ship at sea’. Discover our fleet >

Other articles include:

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