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Online magazine

Online magazine ‘About Marine ingenuity’ gives clients, business contacts, and others interested in our industry a better understanding of the Van Oord world.
The next issue will be published in February 2018. Just like previous editions, this edition will be packed with inspiring and in-depth stories.

Some highlights of edition number eight:

Speaking: CEO Pieter van Oord
‘Within Van Oord, our tagline is Marine ingenuity. By combining our knowledge and experience with new work methods and specialised equipment, we create innovative solutions. That’s how we shape up Marine ingenuity and make valuable contributions to our world.’ Read the introduction >

Vox Futura: vessel of the future
Self-driving cars, digitised terminals, planes that run on solar energy… Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds. And the maritime world is certainly not lagging behind. In fact, Van Oord’s innovation specialists are working on the vessel of the future: self-propelled and able to pump automatically. But where do we stand now? Check out the status >

Generating markets winners
In one hundred days, the start-ups of accelerator programme PortXL are being mentored to become market winners. Van Oord and the parties involved, including the experts featured in this magazine, believe in the added value of start-up initiatives. View full article >

Coral paradise Maldives
Creating new land in an environmentally sensitive area like the Maldives requires the involvement of marine environment experts. In an interview with coral expert Josie Chandler, we take a closer look at how NGOs and Van Oord collaborated to protect the marine environment, while reclaiming land for urbanisation. Discover more >


Other subjects:

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